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E85 Doesn't Like Cold Weather

>> Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just a little FYI for anyone using E85.

I loaded up the girls this morning to head to the dentist for a final bit of dental work. Because it is a bit of a drive and I knew I couldn't get E85 where we were going, I stopped to fill the gas tank.

After filling the tank I couldn't get the truck to start. It tried... And tried... And tried. But it wouldn't catch. Thinking I had possibly flooded it, I waited a couple of minutes and called my mechanic.

While on hold for him the truck finally started- but it really didn't want to. My mechanic made me come right over to put something "better than Heat" into the gas tank because "E85 gels up in frigid temperatures". Which makes complete sense as it is less gasoline and more ethanol.

So, just an FYI if you use E85- get some Heat. Trust me.


Anonymous 3:00 PM  

And that's why I'm home from work early. Our diesel trucks won't run too well in this stuff, and if we used BioDiesel, we'd never get them to start.


Jodi 3:27 PM  

I gel up in this freaking cold weather. A high of -11F is NOT a high temp.

I am glad you got going again.

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