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>> Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I’m not really sure how it has happened but my two little ones are water babies. I honestly believe that bath time is their favorite time of the day. They lay on their tummies and “swim”, they roll around like seals, they splash and laugh and would stay in for hours (if the water would stay warm). Brenna has begun asking about the ocean, swimming and surf lessons. I blame the Backyardigans for that… Darn Tiki Beach episode…

Because we live in Iowa- a place not known for beaches or surfing, if the girls still have this affinity for water we may have to look into summer camps on the coast or in the Caribbean.

I found a place that does kids surf camp in North Carolina, teen summer camps in Florida, the Bahamas and Barbados (to name a few) and even overnight camp for family surf lessons in the Caribbean and Hawaii. They even do a women’s only surf camp. Of course I would have to get over my fear of drowning…

WBSurfCamp.com has a great video that will give you an idea of their program. It definitely looks like a summer camp that kids would enjoy going to.

Even if you aren’t a water baby, check out their video. If you’re sitting in below-freezing temperatures, like I am, it may warm you a bit.


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