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For "The Girls"

>> Thursday, January 17, 2008

Central Iowa is in the middle of a three day “weather event”. That’s our meteorologists way of saying, “Stay home, you losers. It’s freakin’ cold out and if you end up in a ditch ain’t no one allowed to pull you out”.

It’s cold and snowy. So why am I going to talk about swimsuits? Because Brenna has decided that because swimsuits are showing up in the malls it is time to talk about going swimming next year.

I don’t mind swimming as a whole and I know my girls are water babies. What I hate is buying swimsuits. It’s not that I don’t like my body, because overall I’m OK with it. Unfortunately swimsuit manufacturers don’t know how to make a swimsuit to fit “the girls”. Or it it fits "the girls" it is much too big for the rest of my body. Very frustrating.

Well, I found a website that deals in full busted lingerie and swimsuits. And the swimsuits are just S, M, L, XL- which we all know means your body is bigger, not just your bQQbs. No, these swimsuits are in cup sizes- which means you can actually get a top to fit- and buy the bottoms separately. Or you can buy a one-piece with underwire for support.

Finally! Maybe I can find a swimsuit that fits my whole body this year.


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