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>> Friday, January 11, 2008

Yesterday was a much longer day than I anticipated. It began shortly after 6am with me getting up to shower before the girls woke. HA! I swear Caelan has radar. The minute I am conscious that kid is awake, too. So I spend the next bit alternating between feeding the girls, making Doug's breakfast and getting ready myself.

Normally Thursdays are a quiet day. I'm not usually out of my PJs until 10:30- or even noon. But yesterday I had a dental appointment at 10 am. In a town 1 1/2 hours away. (It's my hometown. Dental procedures cost half as much as they do here and we pay out of pocket for dental procedures. 'Nuff said.)

So at 8:30 I was loading the girls into the truck. They watched Cars and I drove. No worries. OK, well, there was the worry that I would be late. Once you get into southwest Iowa everything slows down. Including traffic in front of you. Bah!

I arrived just on time, met my mom (who took the girls to my aunt's house to play) and settled in for an hour and a half of dental work- crowns. Never a relaxing experience; that drill makes me tense up no matter how hard I try to relax.

I took everyone to lunch after for watching the girls. And stayed longer than I planned. As we left it was snowing quite heavily. But it was a fluffy snow. Almost like natural cotton was drifting out of the sky. It was gorgeous.

Not so much, though, as I got onto the highway and it turned to heavy sleet. The road was nasty and slick and the semis from the other direction, already too big for the road, were taking up part of my lane, too, in order to stay on the road. It was a white-knuckle drive to the interstate.

The interstate had only one lane cleared and visibility was low. Still slow going. I was late picking up my babysitter- thank God for cell phones. And I paid her to read. As soon as we got home Caelan went down for a nap, Brenna wanted to cuddle me in my bed. I just wanted to relax and, hopefully, get the tension out of my shoulders.

Then it was off to our small group (church), home about 9pm, girls to bed and then me.

I was so braindead that I was flipping the TV between Fresh Prince of BelAire and Make Me a Supermodel. That's numb. So it was best that I stayed away from my computer. Consider yourselves lucky.


Tamara B 3:09 PM  

next time you cand drive up to NE iowa and go see my dentist (aka my FIL). I'll watch the girls for you :)

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