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A Graduation (of sorts)

>> Thursday, January 24, 2008

There are few real milestones when it comes to riding in the car.

The first one you encounter is at one year of age when your parents turn you forward and you realize there is much more to see than the seat back or a colorful toy. The outside world as seen from a car is fascinating!

The second milestone is moving from a car seat to a booster. Brenna reached that point today as she surpassed the height of the seat and buckling was becoming a hassle.

While I was in Target today (grabbing some great sale stuff since it's still winter here but they are making way for spring items) I saw that the Graco Turbo Booster was on sale. A $13 savings... I was all over it since I knew we needed it. It's the VIP (Very Important Princess) seat. Hunh... Pink. Go figure...
Brenna was, understandably, very excited about her new seat and couldn't wait to sit in it. And it has "magic" cup holders that pull out from the base- on both sides. Ta-Da!

And Caelan, well, she just likes to be like her sister. It kept them occupied for a while.
And the next milestone? Well, no car seat at all. Since this booster has a removeable back I think we'll be waiting a while- maybe 6+ years- til we reach that one.


Claudia Meydrech 8:45 PM  

Congratulations on being the PPP blog of the day. Your children are beautiful, nice blog...I am wondering how you were able to put a column on each side on blogger :-) Happy day to you from happynutritionist who wishes you Happy & Healthy Children.

claudia :-)

The Fritz Facts 9:44 PM  

That is very exciting. I made such a big deal of it when Boo moved to a booster, and she loved it!
She is going on 6, and she will be in her booster until at least 7, if not longer. The longer the better.

Fantastagirl 9:56 PM  

I remember moving Pan from the carseat to a booster - he was sooo proud. Pan is small so he is in a low back booster, but a booster none-the-less, and Tink in still in a highback, and probably will be for a while.

Lissete 8:29 AM  

That is one cool booster seat! My girls were practically in Middle School before I got rid of t he booster seats! (JK) But they were quite old! :)

Doug H 9:36 AM  

Well, I am a geek that works in Information Technology. I kept "playing" with the template until I got something Jody liked.


mama2dibs 3:50 PM  

Ok...so I'm curious, how old can they be to move them to the booster? I REALLY want to move my daughter to a booster, but don't know if she's old enough. She's certainly tall enough and it is a hassle to buckle her.

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