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New Stuff... And Basic Rambling

>> Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Did you all notice the new toy on the right? Yep, the one that says "Our Favorite Things". These are all things that we have, use and love. Many of them are reviewed on my travel blog, complete with detailed photos and the fun we have with them.

In fact, I just reviewed a new mess-free toy yesterday. Popover and check it out. I'll be here when you get back.

Yesterday I borrowed Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover from the library. I'm half way through it (no small feat with two little ones crawling all over me every time I sit down) and will probably buy it soon as A)I can see myself referring back to it often and B) I know I won't get Doug to read it before it has to be returned. I have to say that the stories submitted by real people who followed his plan are encouraging. I've got to set the TiVo to record his show...

Today holds no excitement for Casa Geek. After yesterdays warmth and melt off today brought frigid temperatures and driving winds. We don't have to leae the house- so we aren't. I forsee laundry, cleaning and banana-chocolate-chip muffins in our future.


Melissa 3:29 PM  

My husband and I just finished listening to that on a road trip to Vegas to visit his sister...it had a lot of good points!

Tamara B 11:54 AM  

i like the aquadoodles too. I need to find the car one. scott uses a magna doodle but it gets jacked up easily.

way to go on the TMM book.

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