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5 Seconds

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Everyone that comes here knows that I am a Mommy first and foremost. And I plan to be a Mommy until my girls no longer need me on a daily basis. It is my job. And everyone knows how much you earn being a mommy.

Today I have earned boogies wiped on my shirt, one stinging hand from a quick swat on a tiny tukkis, 15 minutes of cuddling and book reading, a whole body hug on the back of my legs and wet, sloppy kisses. Even with the “debits” of food on the floor and a screaming headache it’s still the best paying job out there.

Of course real cash is nice, if I can get it. I just discovered Net Audio Ads. It’s been around for 2 ½ years and has over 66,000 advertisers. And website owners earn 100% revenue of their traffic- with no “clicking”.

The way it works is that the reader hears a 5 second ad played when they open your page. That’s it- just 5 seconds. And it only plays once, so your readers won’t be interrupted every few seconds by an ad.

It’s really a very cool idea, and they have an affiliate program going on now. If you’re interested in having your website work for you just a bit more, check out Net Audio Ads. Read their “long sales letter” in the bottom right corner.


Iowa Bob 8:01 PM  

My God Jody, how do you do it? I toil to get ONE post out each day, and this is your fifth one today.

What's your secret?

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