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For the Organizer in Me

>> Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am on countdown to our vacation. Because there are five of us going, two of them under the age of 5, making sure we have everything organized is very important.

Especially in the airport. Regulations being what they are, you can’t take much on an airplane any more. Our flight from Chicago to Dublin allows one carry on bag 22”x18”x10” and weighing no more that 13 pounds. Not a lot.

In order to maximize my personal item I bought a Buxton Bag . With interior mesh pockets and exterior zippered pockets it appeals to the organizer in me.

I ordered the tan and I am pretty sure my mom ordered the black (it also comes in red). The across-the-body strap will be great for security- no slipping off the shoulder- and the outer pockets will keep cameras in easy reach.

I am pretty sure this will be my new favorite travel accessory.


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