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Not Sure...

>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not long ago I wrote about grocery savings and asked for advice. I checked out the Grocery Game as I had heard good things about it.

I read through it and decided that, for $1 for a 4 week trial, I had nothing to lose. So I put in my zip code... And it offered two stores to me- HyVee and Walgreens.

Now, I do my grocery shopping at HyVee, but we also have two other grocery stores in my town, as well as Target and WalMart. I gotta admit that I am not impressed so far. Most of the coupons are for items we don't buy so I won't use them even if they are on sale.

I guess I'm on my own with this, anyway.

I did, however, look into Dave Ramsey as so many of you swear by him. I'm gonna talk to my church about having one of his classes. Otherwise we'll visit another church's classes. I have to have DOug on board with this- it's a waste of time for me to do it alone.


Yuppy 3:10 PM  

Hey i couldnt find your email or i wouldve bugged you there... anyway...

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Even if you reject my offer of an exchange you are free to post your link anyway.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Mark B
Johnston, IA

Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 3:58 PM  

Dave Ramsey rules. He's changed our lives, and our financial future, dramatically. Even if Doug is not on board at first, I encourage you to begin it. My husband is getting it slow but sure.

Anonymous 10:22 AM  

I listen to Dave Ramsey a few times a week on the radio and really enjoy a lot of what he says. Even though I have never been in debt, my girlfriend (soon to be wife no doubt) is in a small amount of credit card debt. She has worked it down very quickly and will be out of debt next month! (I promised her a ring once she was debt free *shifty eyes*) So I am very excited about her accomplishments. There are a couple of points I disagree with him on, such as his take on higher education. But almost everything he says regarding money and credit cards is exactly what I have always believed.

orneryswife 7:43 AM  

Ornery and I are enrolled right now in the Financial Peace University. I am pretty sure we could have eventually reached the same conclusions we are coming to in the class, but hopefully, we'll get there sooner this way! Like Preston, I don't necessarily agree with everything, but he has a vast store of financial knowledge that we wish we had known 30 years ago!

Blessings to you as you seek God's will concerning your finances. It is an area the Bible speaks much about, but Christians are often as much the Proverbial "fool" as non-Christians when it comes to money. I think Dave Ramsey is doing much to change that.

Anonymous 7:55 AM  

Even if your church doesn't offer the class right away, you can get started with Dave's TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER book.

Big Daddy and I have never taken a class, we just read the book and watch the TV Show every evening at 7pm on channel 359 Direct TV. No classes, just the book for us and we are almost completely out of debt minus our house.

I suggest the book to get started. Many people borrow it from the library but I suggest you own it because we refer back to it often. :)

Good luck!

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