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I'm Freakin' Tired- Why Can't I Sleep?

>> Monday, January 07, 2008

The last few days I have been visited by my old friend insomnia. It's been a while since he's visited (and you know it's a "he" as who else but a "he" would wake you in the middle of the night for no good reason?) and I have no clue what has prompted this.

For a few days I thought it was just the fact that the minute I finished one event another was right on it's heels. You know how the anticipation and nerves can be such a hindrance to sleep.

But now that events are finished I find that I am still waking about 4 am and never, really, returning to restfulness. I don't want to get out of bed because I know that, if I do, I will have no chance of falling asleep again until 10pm that night. If I begin something, especially when I have a chance to do it without interruption, I'm not likely to stop.

So I lay in bed and try to imagine myself somewhere relaxing, without a care in the world. Unfortunately when I do that I get really interested in my imaginary location and my brain activity picks up. Not exactly the goal. Then I pray, because, sadly, when I lay in bed and pray I tend to fall asleep. Well, not at 4 am. So I suppose it is the perfect time for me to talk to God.

Hmmm... Maybe that's the answer. God wants me to talk to him (told you it had to be a him) and not fall asleep. Gee, you would think he might make it easier on me. You know, like having the girls rest at the same time in the afternoon...

So, anyway, after I finish my conversation with God I stretch my body, lay my hands on my stomach and try even breathing and mindlessness. HA! Mindlessness! The minute my mind begins to idle it goes off on it's own little path of least resistance. Usually something that needs to be done.

Pfffttt.... Maybe I should just get out of bed. Someday I'm sure to be exhausted enough to sleep through the night again!


Unknown 10:13 PM  

You're far more deep than I am...I usually do squats when I can't sleep and that makes my legs tired which in turn makes me pass out.

The God thing is a much deeper route...

Jennifer 9:44 AM  

Mr. Insomnia has hit me too. For the past week it has been 2am 3am before I even start to settle down enough to fall asleep. Then of course after I finally DO fall asleep, in comes the little girl to knee me in the back, or whack me in the head with an elbow. UGH! So get back out of bed put her back into hers and start the whole process over again.

Now school is back in and I'm praying that I'm asleep by at LEAST 11:30pm. Yet I glance at the clock 1:38am.


mama2dibs 10:48 AM  

My insomnia is a she...a she named Grace who refuses to go to sleep before midnight after she's slept most of the day! I've gotta get her days and nights flipped.

Tamara B 12:46 PM  

me too this week. i just assumed that its been the cold/dry throat business around here.

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