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A Little Lump

>> Sunday, January 13, 2008

Are lumps ever a good thing? No, really, it's an honest question. When you're learning something (usually physical) you have to "take your lumps". Potatoes and gravy are never good if they have lumps. If you hit your head too hard you get a lump. Lumps are just inherently bad.

So... I've been having this issue with the area under my arms. For a while it was just very itchy. So I changed my razor blade and bought a moisturizing deodorant.

Unfortunately it didn't work. So I got some baby oil still thinking it was a skin dryness thing. Seriously, the itching was unbearable.

Now I'm not so sure it is a dry skin thing. Last Thursday I woke up with a very sore, very noticeable lump under my right arm. After a bit of research and a phone call to my OB I am relatively sure this issue has to do with either 1) hormones and/or 2) an ingrown hair or infected follicle. I haven't shaved or irritated the area in any way and the lump is gone. Of course, my period is gone, too. And, of course, you can't have a doctor check it if there is nothing there to check.

Which means I have to wait until it happens again. Grrr....

So, anyone had something like this happen?



Unknown 9:07 AM  

By "So, anyone had something like this happen?" if you mean having a problem that appears, irritates the crap out of me, illicits a phone call to a professional and then completely disappears when the professional arrives, absolutely.

That crap happens to me all the time.

If you mean disappearing lumps in my armpit then no, I haven't had that.

Good for you for being aware though...keep an eye on it to see if it crops up. Lumps scare me.

Jennifer 10:04 AM  

All the time. I get lumps like that everywhere. Mainly in the underarm area, as well as on the inner thigh. The fact that it went away is a good thing. And will most probably come again.

I know it's annoying as anything

Tamara B 10:08 AM  

been there, done that. did the doctors thing, blah, blah, blah. they never found anything (part of that might be cause i live in the sticks). it was the same, only very itchy as well. shaving = irritation. not shaving = irritation. it sucked. they said it was hormones. you have lymph nodes there which are likely swelling. just be glad you didn't have a hippy doctor like me who told you to buy a loofa bar and scrub instead of where deoderant!

The Fritz Facts 4:25 PM  

All the time. Not just once in a while, but every month like clock work. They are painful, and rub on your clothes. Warm compresses work wonderfully, or the heating pad. You could have it lanced, but that hurts like you wouldn't believe.
Good luck!

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