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An Inexpensive Announcement Option for My Brother

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Well, no baby yet. Water is broken, though, and the contractions are becoming more plentiful and painful. It won’t be long now.

Which makes me wonder if they have any plans to do birth announcements? We didn’t do any. Why would we? Everyone who mattered was monitoring the blog for live-from-the-hospital updates. Heck, most of my blog readers knew we had the girls and what they looked like before much of our family.

I know there are “photographers” who come through the hospital to take Baby’s First Picture (HA! Baby is a family film star by the time they show up!) and the package they have has photo announcements. Unfortunately the photos they take are often not very good and the prices are astronomical. (As an aside, I think it would be an excellent part time job.)

In my search for affordable baby announcements I found these postcards. They are meant to be used for business advertising, but if you create your own template there is no reason you couldn’t use them as a birth announcement. And they are affordable- 100 for $24.99. You can even upload an address book and have them mailed for you.

In addition to postcard printing, VistaPrint also does other great personalized items like notepads, sticky notes, magnets, notecards and calendars. Fun stuff. And affordable.


jennhuff 9:33 AM  

whenever they have the baby will you send the info about what room and hospital please. good luck aunt jody!

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