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Another Day in Paradise

>> Friday, January 25, 2008

Really, I love staying home with the girls. I gladly give up the "extras" we could have if I were working to be a full time mom. There is nothing I would rather do. Really.

Even on the days when Caelan's nose is so gooby that we carry around a "boogie blanket" so her nose won't get raw from tissues.

Even on the days when Brenna is hacking like a pack-a-day smoker and refuses to nap.

Even on the days my house looks like a tornado hit it (and I wish it would have just been carried away).

Yep... today is one of those days. How did you guess?

We're calling it "pajama day" but in reality I am wearing yoga pants and jacket and Brenna is in sweats. Caelan is still in pjs, though, and probably will be all day.

Big plans... Cleaning... Laundry... Bake a cake for my sister's birthday...

Tonight Doug is going to a Men's Game Night that our church is sponsoring. I'm thinking I may try to work on scrapbooks after the girls go to bed. Unless my sister comes over to watch the travel shows I TiVo-ed for her. (She is tagging along on her husband's business trip to France.)

Yep, it's all bon-bons and Oprah, as Doug says.


Gabel Chiropractic Recipes 12:43 PM  

Who is going to France? Can I tag a long too? LOL

The Fritz Facts 1:34 PM  

Those days are great and rough at the same time.
I never thought of a boogie blanket...does it work well for your kids? I hate the sight of sore red noses.

Anonymous 4:31 PM  

I am going to France. Not just France...Paris...for my birthday. And I get to see all the sights I choose because my hubby's going to be in 'training' for 2 days. How will I get where I need to go all by myself without knowing a lick of French? Guess we'll see!

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