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>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

Doug and I are pretty sure our credit score has gone up because we are getting slammed with dozens of credit card offers. One of our credit cards offers our FICO score… But it only comes from one source and I’m not sure where all these cards get their info.

Now, I’m gonna be honest, 99% of these offers get shredded. We are sitting rather well with our credit and have no need for any more. But if the opportunity to Apply for a Cash Back Credit Card came at us with really nice terms (very low interest and no annual fee) I would hop online to apply for it.

I do as much as I can online… It’s quicker and less people actually handle your information. Does anyone mail these things in anymore?


Tamara B 11:28 AM  

having just taken FPU with DRamsey, NO you shouldn't send it in, even if you get cash back.

You can get a checking acct that gives you back 1% and offers ~4% on savings. Look into that.

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