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Hey, Federal Government! Instead of a Bailout Let's Try This!

>> Friday, January 18, 2008

I gotta admit that there are days that I miss our “old” house. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the house we are in and most times the extra room we have here is a blessing. There are some days, though, that the extra room only means extra mess.

Today was one of those days. It seemed like every time I turned around there was a new mess to be cleaned, a new spill to be wiped up, a new disaster to be averted. And I wished for less space.

Of course we haven’t lived in this home long enough to have any equity… Heck, I doubt we could break even if you figure interest and such. So we will be staying right here… For the next 20 years.

Of course, if we needed to, there are ways to sell your house fast. Almost every city has “home investors”, people who buy homes at a fair price- for cash.

I would think that in this “terrible economy” when so many people “can’t afford their mortgage” a company like WeBuyHouses.com would be in high demand. I can definitely see how they could help relieve the stresses people may be feeling and help them go forward with life.


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