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And My Choice Is....

>> Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well, the Iowa Caucus will begin in just under 48 hours. And it has taken me up until this, the final days, to make my choice.

Not long ago I wrote a bit about the candidates and why or why not they were in my list of "possibles". At that time I had four candidates: Tancredo, Hunter, Romney and Thompson. Since that time Tancredo has dropped out of the race. Which is too bad but we saw it coming.

After much thought and research I have decided to caucus for Fred Thompson.

Let me share this message to Iowa voters with you:

He just seems to me like a straight-forward guy. A guy who means what he says, isn't trying to scare me to get a vote and believes the individual who earns the money should be able to keep the money- or at least have more of a voice in how it is spent.

I was impressed by the above video and think this is an honest guy who isn't so much wanting to "win a contest" but instead wants to lead our country back to strength -in all areas.


Iowa Bob 12:06 AM  

I think you made a good choice Jody, Fred's a good guy. Actually, any of the Republicans are a step up from what the Dems have to offer, so It's hard to go wrong.

Enjoy the Caucus, I wish I could be back there going through the process with you guys.

S 10:45 AM  

Hi there. I found your site via words of a life and I have to say that your tag line under the blog title is awesome!

Jill 1:47 PM  

I made a note to myself to email you today to see if you were caucusing, and I even considered asking you who your choice was...but didn't want to seem intrusive. So, you've answered my question! My hubby likes Fred, too. If I had to vote right now I'd go for Rudy.

lila 6:46 AM  

I love Fred--he has been my choice since day one. Just wish I lived in Iowa!
Fred is being counted out simply because he is on message and not playing the "dirty" games.

That may cost him but I really hope the good people of Iowa see through all that and give all the talking heads a big surprise today!

Anonymous 9:25 AM  

Great blog - I found you site on An Iowa Mom and just blogged you in BlogHer.com's open discussion thread on the Iowa primary. I see a lot of gossip around about Mr. Thompson (see NRO) which is just one of the many rumors I'm sure Iowans will hear today...

Anonymous 12:29 PM  

Why did he quit

Doug H 12:47 PM  

Fred wasn't getting the headlines of McCain or the support of (at-the-time) Huckabee.

I really think he was one of the two strongest Republican candidates in terms of character and experience getting things done for the benefit of America.

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