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No Motivation

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My day began with a nightmare at 5:30 am. Nothing like a terrifying dream to get your heart racing and your butt out of bed.

It did, however, get me on the elliptical machine earlier so I was done & showered before the girls got out of bed. I've been on my lovely elliptical every morning this week (yea me!) so at least I have the energy to get through this long day.

Brenna had school this morning which left Caelan and I to run errands.

First stop- the accountant. I needed a price point list for itemized donations of clothing and household items. My appointment with him is Friday. I have everything in order and am looking forward to a nice return to get back to us before we leave on vacation.

Next- Target. I had a few items on my list (jeans for Brenna since she had a growth spurt, Puffs, frozen chopped parsley (love this stuff! You use it just like fresh but it doesn't go bad. Yes, I plan to grow my own- I hope- this summer), a magazine that I thumbed through and didn't end up getting.... And a few things that weren't on my list 3 shirts for me (Merona makes a T shirt that is double-layered on the front. I heart them), baggies for Brenna's V-Day goodies (from the dollar bin), dessert for the girls and I tonight as Doug will be gone.

I ran into a woman from church who told me that she had recommended me to the ladies who are planning our Women's Retreat. They are looking for new topics and she said that I could speak on a myriad of things- kid friendly food, travel with kids, blogging for fun and profit... :)

Then it was off to Family Christian Store. Veggie Tales Lord of the Beans was on sale (think Lord of the Ring)- and I had a coupon. I also had a coupon for "Buy One Get One Half Off" so I got the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover (so I can write in it) and the workbook.

Panera is right next to FCS so we ran in for bread to make Friday's dinner- Pumpkin French Toast. Yum!

Then to the insurance agent's to drop off an HSA application.

Whew! Doesn't sound like I was without motivation this morning, does it?

But now, here I am at my desk, plenty to do... And I only want to veg in front of the TV.

The available PPP opportunities don't thrill me- and if I'm not interested I know you won't be- and the pile of items in front of me just don't look inviting.

Hmmm, work or relax? Relax or work? Yeah, I'll probably end up working.


Tamara B 9:40 AM  

I hope you cuddled up with the kids in front of veggie tales. Scott loves the LOFTB one. Although he did get scared during part of it each time for quite a while. His recent veggies favorite is LarryBoy

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