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Caucus Night

>> Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wow. Tonight was amazing. Our precinct estimated 130 people showing up. We had just over 200. My brother's precinct estimated 200 people- they had 600. People were involved and felt involved.

Doug was the caucus chair and I, of course, helped. I would say that at least one third of all our caucus goers registered at the caucus. (You have to register as a Republican or Democrat in order to participate in that caucus). Lots of registered voters with no party affiliation and even a few Democrats registered tonight to have their say.

Overall my guy seems to have tied for third here in Iowa. So much for those who had written him off a few weeks ago. I think this should give him a boost going forward.

And now, I'm tired. It's been a long day and, according to my babysitter, Caelan may be coming down with an icky tummy bug. *sigh*


Tamara B 10:31 AM  

I really looked forward to the caucus but unfortunately was hosting bible study at my house and didn't think that cancelling was an option. I so should have cancelled, our other group did.

We were a bit disspointed with who won in Iowa. Better luck in NH.

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lila 8:22 AM  

Hey Jodi,
Fred is took third beating McCain by a slim margin. What irks me is the media ignoring Fred and casting rumors.....

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