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Where Have I Been?

>> Sunday, January 16, 2005

Right here. So why haven't I posted? Ummm, I've had nothing to say? Well, that's not entirely true. I had a lot to say but I didn't really think it was worth sharing- things have been pretty monotonous here lately.

Brenna is lovely, as usual. Doug’s company had its holiday party Friday night. We left Little Miss with my sister and brother-in-law and their 2 sons. Brenna was no problem. And their youngest- he’s 2- kept leaning over and kissing Brenna. So cute, Jen took pictures. But, somehow, he fell forward into the corner of the wall. And gashed his forehead open. According to Jen it was quite bloody. They even called their neighbor- who is a paramedic. Luckily the Little Man is OK.

We had an insane cold front come through. Below zero- plus windchill. YIKES!! Which made it difficult to take Brenna out to the gym. And cooped me in the house.

So I made cookies. Chocolate chip ones. Is there anything better than cookie dough? Or cookies warm from the oven with a nice, cold glass of milk? Yummy. I did send the rest to work with Doug & to my nephews and brother-in-law. I think I enjoy the baking almost more than the eating.

Yesterday I took the dog and one of the cats to the vet. HELLO, expensive! I guess it’s my farm girl upbringing, but I just can’t bring myself to have my dog’s teeth cleaned. Or get a $200 “senior feline” checkup. How ever did our animals survive without the triple-action artery de-clogger/breath freshener?

We also had the great joy of visiting the optometrist. Ugh. I hate shopping for glasses. I don’t really have a face for glasses. I think my ears may be crooked so they never fit right, tipping to the left. So I wear contacts most of the time. Which also sucks. My eyesight is so bad that Lasik isn’t even an option. Damn genetics.

So, that’s all that’s been going on. Like I said, nothing much to share. I’m impressed if you stayed for this whole post.

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