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An Accident & A Question

>> Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tonight I witnessed an accident. About three blocks from my home is a busy intersection. It has become busier as our town has sprawled north. There have been stoplights there for quite some time.

There were 3 cars involved in this accident. One was turning left on an arrow, one was waiting at a red light, and one ran a red light. Two of these vehicles were driven by teenagers, one boy and one girl. One was driven by a man who appeared to be in his early 40's. The car that was turning left had been stopped at the light seconds before. The car that hit it, obviously, wasn't. The speed limit at this spot in the road is 45 mph. How fast must that car have been going to spin another completely around and cause so much damage that all 3 had to be taken away on flat beds?

I called 911 and reported the accident. Did you know that they take your name & phone #?

No, that's not the question I spoke of in the title. Here's the question:

Who do you think ran the red light that caused this accident? Now please tell me why you think that.

Results- and the correct answer- tomorrow evening.

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