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Assyrian-American returns to Iraq

>> Friday, January 21, 2005

Chicago's Daily Herald has a piece from Thursday, Waging war with words. N. Yousif is returning to Iraq in a mission he truly believes in, a free Iraq. He fled Iraq 25 years ago and made a life and family in the Chicago suburbs. He has already spent one tour in Iraq as a civilian contractor performing translation for front-line troops. He has volunteered to return because he is proud of what he, and Coalition forces, have accomplished and the potential for a truly free Iraq.

Jody and I have frequently commented to each other that what Iraq and Afghanistan need is more ex-pats returning to their homeland. They know what it's like to live in free societies and how to succeed. They can pass on their knowledge and expectations to others that didn't escape the brutal regimes. They know the culture and language and can explain the differences between cultures to both the Iraqis/Afghans and to the Coalition forces. Many also have ties to businesses and can facilitate commerce between nations.

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