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The Accident- the answer

>> Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Here's the rundown again: 3 car accident (all cars, no SUV's, man that would have been ugly.) One car traveling south, one car traveling east, one car traveling north.

Car traveling north turns left on an arrow, car traveling east is stopped at the light, car traveling south blows through the light, hits car that is turning, spinning it a full 360 degrees and pushing it into car stopped at light.

Teenage boy was in the stopped car. Teenage girl was in the turning car. Adult man was in the car that blew the light. Yep. Years of practice. Doesn't seem to make a difference, does it?

I don't think any of the drivers were on the phone at the time or the accident. However, when I got up to them, the girl was crying on the phone with her father "Don't yell, dad, it wasn't my fault!" Poor thing was so scared. This intersection is about 2 blocks from the high school. It was early enough in the evening that she may have been coming from there.

I saw the guy who caused the accident, too. He seemed very calm. I watched him make a call. He didn't seem shook up at all. I wondered if he was drunk. He was coming in to town and he seemed to be going so fast. He just came out of nowhere.

The boy that was waiting at the light, he seemed a bit shocked. Which I would too, if I had been sitting at a light, kind of spacing off, and then WHAM!!! You just don't expect it.

I think it was interesting that cell phones were mentioned in a couple of the responses I got- even though I didn't say a thing about them in my original post. I also thought it was interesting that the make of the vehicles was an issue. And, of course, the fact that two were teenagers. Funny how these tidbits can influence our perceptions. (And, for the record, I think that if you are driving and must talk on the phone you should be required to use a hands free headset.)

All I could think was "Thank god I'm in the truck. And thank god the baby is at home." So if any of you are behind me at a red light and you notice me hesitate before entering the intersection don't honk at me. I'm just making sure it's safe.

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