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Resolution Roundup #1

>> Sunday, January 09, 2005

Well, week one has finished. You know WEEK 1. The week with the most resolve. The week that you try really hard to be good. The only week of the year that it might happen.

Overall I am pleased with my week.

On the topic of portion control: I subscribe to Self magazine. It's the only one I like; not too preachy, realistic writing, not too much BS that I don't care to read. They have a website Self Diet Club to post your food intake, exercise and give you meal ideas. It's free with a subscription. Not too bad a deal. So, to make that long story longer, I found that I really don't eat too badly. Only one problem: I like to cook. It's difficult to figure calories when you cook. I do my best...

Exercise: Due to the snow & ice storms I was confined to the house until Friday. Shut in. Locked down. I did manage to fit in some yoga & pilates (DVD) every day but Tuesday. Friday I got to the gym. Elliptical machine. Yikes!! Am I out of shape!! Saturday I went back for real torture: a one hour pilates class with a live instructor. There is nothing worse than going to a class that you used to be quite good at and realizing that you aren't any more. I have no abdominal muscles. None. Everyone around me is rolling into a nice sitting position and I am flat on my back. Flat. On. My. Back. I struggled through. And took today off. Ain't no way my body was going to cooperate after what I did to it yesterday.

And writing: 10 hours is a lot of time. I didn't make it this week. I tried. Between the baby & all other necessary things to be done... wow, does that eat up some time. Maybe if I blog less? That's the problem with having a laptop that's always connected to the internet... and an addiction to blogging.

Maybe all of you on my list could stop being so entertaining for a while? Just so I can stop wanting to see what you're up to? Please?

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