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Ice Age

>> Monday, January 03, 2005

Brenna and I are effectively stuck in the house. Iowa was covered in sleet and freezing rain last night. Every school in the state, it seems, is closed. As is our garage. Frozen shut. Which is fine as there was no way I was taking Brenna out on the icy streets. Too many people driving who really have no business being on the roads.

Today is the first effective day of my resolutions. I've done quite well on the portion control stuff: oatmeal for breakfast and a turkey sandwich with mustard (no mayo) and salad for lunch. I made Doug take all the leftover candy and other goodies to work so I wouldn't be gorging on them. Brenna & I did a Mommy & Me yoga workout just a little bit ago. Unfortunately this is the only writing I've done today as she hasn't gone down for a nap yet. Soon...

Tomorrow is Brenna's 2 month Dr visit... and first shots. I've heard of moms crying during baby's first shots. I'll probably be one of them...

Well, laundry's dry, dishwasher's done, and I just found out that my mom is going to spend the night as the weatherman is threatening up to a foot of snow tonight. Back to the mommy business.

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