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What we are up against in Iraq

>> Sunday, January 09, 2005

As a Desert Storm vet and brother to an Operation Iraqi Freedom vet, I follow events in Iraq as intently as time allows. Soldiers' and Iraqi blogs provide the best coverage. It's always best to go to the source. Occasionally, a reporter will get out of Palestinian Hotel's jacuzzi and report something, though they usually go with the most anti-American source they can find.

The first article I would like to point out to you is from the Scotsman. It details the gruesome execution of high-level political figures in Iraq by Ba'athists. Their goal is to disrupt the thing that would hurt their interests the most, a free and prosperous Iraq.

Almost every war got its most deadly just before the very end. They are being backed into a corner and desperate measures are called for. They've lost Afghanistan outright. Pakistan is publicly hunting down terrorists. Georgia (the country, not the US state), Turkmenistan and Armenia have US troops ensconced in semi-permanent bases. US Special Forces are helping train the Philippine military against their own, home-grown, terrorists. Saudi Arabia is cracking down on those that fund terror groups, at least publicly.

Here's more from Dore Gold. This editorial is about how Axis of Evil member, Syria, is behind many of the problems in the Middle East. From controlling Lebanon to financing Palestinian terror operations to sending agents into Iraq and all the while making a mockery of the UN Security Council. It's kind of like putting Libya on the Humanitarian council...oh, wait that really happened too.

Do we as a nation still have the cajones to finish the war? Most in the media want us to lose, it makes for better copy. Are we going to let them? It is in our national interest that those that support and fund terrorists are taken down. For us right now, the biggest battle is in Iraq. Winning there means taking out a huge terror supporter and a major prop to dictators everywhere, not only the Arab world. The UN allowed him to not only survive, but thrive under sanctions and made him a hero to freedom haters around the globe. Finding him in a rat-hole and then subjecting him to a medical exam was a perfect end for him, though the man deserves nothing more than a 9mm aneurysm, followed by a severe case of lead poisoning.

So what do we do? We not only can win, we currently are winning. Not that you would know it if you only got your news from CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN or the New York Times. Al Qaida is a broken organization with a major percentage of the upper echelon leaders dead or captured. Afghanistan is a complete victory. Most of Iraq is stable and in the 4 provinces that are not secure, the Iraqis do not back the terrorists.

Let the heirs of Alvin York and Audie Murphy do their job. Let the soldiers weaned on Superman, John Wayne, and the Dukes of Hazard finish the job. They have already stepped up. Their courage and professionalism stand up to any unit in American history. Units like the 20th Maine, the Rough Riders and any unit in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. We're winning where it counts on the battlefield. Let's make sure that we win it here at home too.

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