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Our sluggish economy

>> Monday, January 03, 2005

Sorry all. I started this post several days ago and am just now putting it all together. My cold really thru me off while Jody stayed right in her game. She really is the better part of me. Anyway, take a look at the numbers of our [satire]Sluggish Economy[/satire].

That 'Sluggish' Economy

Liberals seemed shocked, shocked that the economic data they've ignored the past couple of years is true. Via Yahoo News, the AP reports Surprising Dip in Jobless Claims Welcomed. What's so surprising about it? The economy and job growth has outpaced even the best of the Clinton years. I'm only surprised that it's just now starting to get some coverage. Here's a bet - had Kerry been elected I bet that the good news wouldn't be still under wraps. Except they would tie it to the election somehow, even though most of the data is from before November.

In order to make the economy look bad they have to bury facts in Slowdown in Chicago Manufacturing, Jobs. What are the buried facts? Yes, Chicago lost manufacturing jobs, but the suburbs grew, so much so that there is a net gain. Why not a story on factory migration? Or factory improvements, since it's usually faster and cheaper to build new rather than retrofit improvements.

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