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A Traumatic Evening

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Last night's bath was especially traumatic for Miss Brenna. Sometimes it's fine. Others it's like we are soaking her in acid. Last night was an acid soaking.

After bath Doug cuddles Brenna in a towel and a fleece blanket. Last night was no different. As Doug is walking around the room with her, whispering in her ear, I see him jerk and rush to put the baby down. Since he has been having some trouble with one of his knees I assumed it had gone out.

I was wrong! Doug's shirt was soaked. So was the towel and the blanket. Yep, Brenna peed on him!

On another baby note: Last night we put Brenna down to bed without feeding her right before. Doug read a book and put her down to sleep. First time he's done it. And it worked! No screaming, no fussing. Woo-Hoo!!

We got a gift certificate for a B&B stay as a Christmas gift. Once Brenna doesn't need me to go to sleep we can use it. Boom-chicky-chicky-boom.

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