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>> Wednesday, January 26, 2005

There is sooooo much good stuff coming out today.

Glenn has a post on the homeless

Powerline has the latest Iraqi poll numbers

and vote fraud in East St Louis

Dan at NE Republicans gives us the history of Vietnam
  1. Nam, troops start to go in
  2. Gulf of Tonkin, August 2 - 4, 1964
  3. Operation Rolling Thunder
  4. Troops, Troops and More Troops

Salaried Democratic campaign workers that slashed GOP van tires have been formally charged

Cori asks why are we just now hearing about this American that was kidnaped in Iraq in November?
Roy Hallums "was snatched in November, and this is the first a lot of people are hearing his name, because of this videotape."

There is no reflection or consideration of what the meaning or implications of that statement are, so let me translate that for you: an American citizen was kidnapped in Iraq, and has been held for months, but the American press didn't think that important enough to cover to the point where the American public even would have heard his name -- until there was video. And the fact that the video was produced by the terrorists, is in fact a piece of terrorist propaganda, doesn't change the media calculus for a nano-second. Now it's a story.

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