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Who Gets the Blankie?

>> Monday, December 01, 2008

I only had a few entries in my Fill in the Blankie giveaway. I hope more of you will take a moment to vote for the recipient of this adorable keepsake.

Entries are:

1) Peeper, much loved daughter of Shrike & Whozat, a lesbian couple who, after many different attempts to have a child used a sperm donor, and used Whozat's egg to implant into Shrike's uterus. Nominated by Jenni.

2) The first Christmas baby admitted to the neo-natal ICU at Blank Children's Hospital. Nominated by CCHuff and seconded by Heather.

3) Tiff nominated her niece who was born 6 weeks ago with 4 holes in her heart. She has Penta X syndrome and is looking at a lot of hospital time.

Please just take a moment and leave a comment with the entry number of who I should give this amazing blankie to. And be sure to visit Fill in the Blankie for a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Votes will be counted and winner will be announced Friday, December 5.


Anonymous 9:40 AM  


Amanda B.

Melody 1:57 PM  

I agree, # 3

Sincerely Iowa 4:01 PM  

I'm voting for #1.

Anonymous 4:33 PM  

I'm voting for #1 but it was Shrike's egg implanted into Whozat.. but either way they made the MOST gorgeous little angel!!

Anonymous 4:54 PM  

I'm voting for #3

Anonymous 6:24 PM  


Laine 6:37 PM  

My vote, #3!

Kara 8:06 PM  


Heather 9:41 PM  

#3 Bless this little one and her family.

ladykay 10:01 PM  

#1 Peeper :)

Kyle Lobner 10:12 PM  

I'll go with #1.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 11:27 PM  

#1! :)

Carolyn Sharkas 11:34 PM  

I am going with #3

Anonymous 4:13 AM  

#1 for me too!

The Fritz Facts 6:57 AM  

Seriously torn here...I go with... #2! This one hits a bit closer to home on my end.


Anonymous 7:35 AM  


The sites founders. 8:29 AM  


Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 8:42 AM  

I'm going with #3.

Anonymous 8:59 AM  

Number 3

Anonymous 9:41 AM  

number 3 definitely

A Christian Mom 10:04 AM  


Unknown 10:21 AM  

Number 3

Lisa 10:54 AM  


Sara 11:27 AM  

I'm voting for #3!

Unknown 12:35 PM  

number 3

Anonymous 1:44 PM  

Peeper is such a deserving little baby.

Alyssa 3:53 PM  

All touching stories... I say #3

Alyssa 3:53 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Spoonful Of Sugar 6:25 PM  

#3 - a real little fighter!

Special K ~Toni 7:34 PM  


Shannon S 8:53 PM  

#3 !!

Felicia 9:12 PM  

#3. What a precious little girl!

HolyMama! 9:49 PM  


Tara 6:40 AM  

Sweet baby #3

Heidi 8:49 AM  

Number 3

Kelly 9:23 AM  

Definitely #3

Diana of Diana Rambles 12:46 PM  

I am voting for #3!

Stacie 5:28 PM  

I going to say #3.

Tracey 8:01 PM  

#3 please..

Michelle 9:53 PM  

I'd like to vote for #3.

Anonymous 4:08 PM  

I'd like to vote for Miss Bella #3

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