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A Family Movie for Your Movie Night

>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

My girls are young enough that we haven’t established any “family movie night” traditions, but I plan to as they get older. I think that the longer we can keep our kids close to us and thinking it is fun to spend time with us the better things will be as they hit their teen years.

Because pizza and movies just go together I’m hoping we can make the night an event by creating our own individual pizzas first and then settling into the basement for a movie we can all enjoy. Right now that means Disney classics.

It’s important to me that my girls see movies that teach them something- even if they don’t know it. I recently saw a trailer for All Roads Lead Home The Movie and think it will make a great addition to our home movie library for when the girls are older. It won the “BestFeature Drama” at the International Family Film Festival. Check it out for yourself:

I don’t know about you but “coming of age” movies have a special place in my heart. When I was growing up it was “My Girl”. Who doesn’t remember crying when Thomas J. died? And cheered Vada when she went off to California in search of her mother’s past and instead found herself?

All Roads Lead Home The Movie is available on DVD January 13. Will you add it to your DVD collection?



Shannon 5:43 AM  

i cried so hard when Thomas J died,
getting all teary eyed thinking about it!

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