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Rollin', Rollin, Rollin'

>> Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our snowball keeps a rollin'...

And I'm not talking about the 3" of snow outside, but our debt snowball! I finally got bills paid with the final check of November and was able to pay off another credit card! (happy dance!)

AND, when we rolled the amount we were paying on that bill over and added it to the next bill in line, well, that one will be paid off this month! About 3 months faster than I had anticipated! WooHoo!

As I watch our debt decrease it feels like a weight is lifting from my shoulders. I am much less worried about the economy than many people I know and I feel like I am in control (of my money, at least).

We've paid off almost $8000 in debt since we began the FPU class in June. Doug didn't get any pay increases during that time, nor did we receive any unexpected windfalls of money. Instead we quite spending frivolously, made a budget that we stick to, began spending only cash and cut unnecessary expenses (like cable, a home phone line and lots of eating out).

We've scaled back on Christmas giving this year and are opting for more time with family and friends.

If you haven't "done Dave" yet I highly recommend his process. It works!

And if you're "doing Dave" tell me how it's going!


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 11:28 PM  

Congrats! It's amazing how quickly once the first debt is paid off, isn't it?

The Fritz Facts 6:58 AM  

Congrats!! That is wonderful. You guys are doing such a great job.

Sara 8:19 AM  

Man, that must feel AWESOME. I cannot wait until we get to our "big" bills. We've got our baby step 1 done, step 2- I've got one little bill paid off, another one should be done this weekend. We'll be getting money from Gma for Xmas (which we're doing early this year- Dec 7th) and that will pay off another two small ones, then on to the bigger ones (over $1500). It feels good. I need to do the debt snowball worksheet on the Dave website and figure when our ending date is, so I have that to look forward to!

I just wanted to thank you SOOOOO much for helping me get into this. It's such a relief to have a plan...even if we do stray from it. We're working on it, and that's what matters. I've got 5 of our CC's on payment plans and closed- I did the plastectomy a weekend or two ago and MAN, IT FELT GOOD!!

Anonymous 8:33 AM  

Congratulations to everyone who has taken the bull (plastic) by the horns so to speak and wrestled him to the ground. I bet you aren't even really missing the stuff that you cut out of your spending. Simple actually is better.

Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 8:54 AM  

Doesn't it feel good to get rid of a debt? We're on our last debt, which is the biggest. Yuck. But we'll get there!

Melody 2:01 PM  

That is really great! We will not be able to get to the debt part until January but just getting things in order right now is so helpful.

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