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When You're Away Where Does Your Pooch Play?

>> Friday, December 12, 2008

When I lived in Minnesota I worked some really strange hours. Some days I would leave the house at 9 am and not return until 4 am the next day. And when Doug & I began dating I couldn’t bring my dog along for the weekend to visit. Luckily there was an amazing dog boarding and sitting service very close to my house. They treated Toby like royalty, he got to socialize with other dogs and they would even bathe him. He loved it there (probably more than he loved it at home).

I just saw that a Camp Bow Wow will be opening not too far away from where we live. It’s doggy day camp with human and canine playmates, “cabins” with bedding and “campfire” treats if your dog spends the night and lots of fun. You can even keep watch on your furry friend with “camper cam” online.

Sounds like fun, huh? If there’s not a Camp Bow Wow near you why not Start Pet Sitting Business for yourself? It’s a chance to be the “top dog”, so to speak, enjoy your job and take your pooch to work. Hmmm, if there wasn’t already one opening so close I might consider it…


Melody 1:45 PM  

Another edition of it is a small world after all....the people opening Camp Bow Wow are my brother's sister (but not my sister) and her husband.

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