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Looking at New Antivirus Software?

>> Friday, December 05, 2008

Not long ago I had to take my laptop in to have it checked out. It had begun doing weird things- like opening multiple windows without warning and freezing so that the only thing I could do was reboot, restart, shut down correctly and start again. I probably don’t have to tell you that it was a hassle. The final straw came when, upon a restart, I got a weird red screen and words that said my system had no OS. Niiicce…

So it cost me a goodly amount to take it in to the store and have all the viruses and spyware removed. Which really annoyed me as I have a package that is supposed to keep all that stuff from settling into my system. Because my package hasn’t expired yet I haven’t made a change of Antivirus Software but I will be as soon as it expires.
A possible replacement is a new company called Cyber Defender. Their Early Defender 2.0 has three features my current system doesn’t have: anti-phishing, anti-spam and an early detection network. And it’s $10 less. Another item they have is Registry Cleaner, which I am really interested in as my computer seems to have all the issues listed as typical of registry errors:
• Freezes / Crashes
• DLL Errors
• Blue Screen of Death
• Error Messages with no apparent cause
• Slow operating system
And that is $29.98 (which is a lot less than I paid for the same service from some geeks).
If you’re in the market for new Antivirus Software check out Cyber Defender, I’m going to.


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