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Tika Kids Makes a Great Take Anywhere Bag

>> Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sometimes keeping organized can be a lesson in futility. Especially when it comes to drawing and coloring supplies and children. When I was crusing etsy one day I found a great shop called Tika Kids that makes Crayon Bags. These fun and hip little bags have little "pockets" on the outside of the bag- specially designed for a couple of pencils and 8 crayons.

Tika's Kids header

The bags are made of heavy weight cotton and vinyl so they will hold up. The strap is short (17.5") which makes it ideal for tots to tote. And, possibly the most essential fact, they are machine washable!

Crayon bag collage 1

You can see that it is nicely sized for children (bag measures 11” x 10.5” x 2”) and the vinyl adds a nice bit of shine to the bag (which my daughter noticed right away... "Oooh, Mom,it's shiny!)

We tucked dry erase markers in our bag because inside is a wonderful magnet/activity board. This multi-functional board is edged with fabric (ours is matching vinyl) to cover any sharp edges and can be used as:
**a drawing with dry erase markers - it wipes right off! (SRX makes a great mini dry erase marker and they look much more attractive than the tall markers I had on hand this morning!)
**a surface to draw on paper
**a travel board for Magnetix®
**a magnetic puzzles and games board
** Tika Kids also sells magnetic puzzles and dry erase marker/eraser combos

Crayon bag collage 2

Don't feel left out if you have boys, either! There are lots of bags featuring dinosaurs, frogs, golf and nautical designs.

The slogan at Tika Kids is "creative items to keep your children quiet as mice". Not only will this be a great item for any travel we do but we will also take it along to restaurants and doctor appointments and use it during "quiet time" when my daughter doesn't want to nap but I must have a bit of time to myself. Oh, yes, these little items will be getting a lot of use!

Pricing: bags are $15, magnetic boards are $10, puzzles and other items begin at $4.50.

** Note: The TSA agent at my airport said they wouldn't let the board on a flight. But when I asked Tika Kids I was told that her niece had flown with one... I suppose it depends on your agents. Take it on a flight at your own risk.


The Fritz Facts 10:12 PM  

Those are very cool. I have seen the bags before, and thought of Boo. She would love it.

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