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A New Blog for You to Visit

>> Friday, December 19, 2008

As I sit trying to write an introduction for this blog I find myself without words that seem to be enough. Everything I try to write comes out shallow or dull.

I want you to visit Kailan's new blog, Sister of "Like Angels". Here is how Kailan introduced me to it:

I have started a blog to tell my stories. I have found that this is one way to tell my stories so that they are heard, in hopes maybe more can understand the mercy and peace that only Jesus can give. I can be somewhat of an introvert when it comes to expressing my thoughts on my grief, so this will enable me to share more.
This is a new blog, only a few days old, so go back and read from the beginning. The first post is titled "Angel Day" and was written just 2 days ago, on December 17. I am going to warn you- you will cry. But you will also be filled with hope. Kailan shares not only her emotions but also the amazing grace that the Lord brings.


Unknown 1:39 PM  

Nice blog, I'm happy to have stumbled upon it. This story is a beautiful one and I'm glad you made mention of it.

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