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Florida Sounds Nice Right Now

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In just a few minutes Doug and I will be bundling up in layers of clothing to protect ourselves against the below zero temperatures and begin shoveling out from under they 4-5 inches of snow that blanketed our driveway and sidewalks today. Our efforts will be relatively pointless, however, as we are going to be hit again on Thursday by what our meteorologists call a “wintery mix”, which is their cute way to describe rain, ice and snow- all mixed together.


I gotta tell ya… I am colder this winter than I can ever remember being. The temps are colder here than they have been in years and the south is sounding good right about now. If there were any way for us to get out of town before this next storm, well, I’d be gone.

Don’t believe me? I was looking at airfare to Orlando today because I saw that I could get discount sea world tickets from OrlandoFunTickets.com- buy one day and get the second day free. And it’s about 70 degrees warmer there right now!

Oh, sure, the girls would love to see Shamu and Doug would get a thrill from the Kraken roller coaster (which he would have to ride alone) but me, I just want the warmth.


Cindy B.of Montana 11:15 PM  

Must be that global warming thing again! We've got -35 at night here...all the way up to 0 during the day :)

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 12:08 AM  

I'm with you! I was ready to start packing us for my IL's in TX, and my MIL just told me it was 39 there at the moment. Never mind, not warm enough! lol Shamu sounds much better.

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