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OK, Ford, I Need a New Vehicle

>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let's see... Last week we replaced our hot water heater and the brakes on Doug's car. That cost us about $3000. Which destroyed our emergency fund and caused us to use a credit card.

With Doug's check last Friday I was able to pay bills and replenish about 3/4 of our emergency fund.

Which is fortunate... Because the Explorer started making weird noises yesterday. Loud, screeching noises. It was embarrassing to drive it. So I dropped it off at the local mechanic (BTW, if you're in central Iowa I highly recommend Graham Tire)... They know me so well that I take them Christmas treats every year.

Greg, the friendly head mechanic, just called to give me the bad news...

  • water pump going out
  • rear differential needs oil changed
  • 3 different belts need replaced
  • and other assorted "little" things should be done
And this will cost me in the neighborhood of $600. Which we, thankfully, have. Barely. But it means, again, rebuilding our emergency fund. Ugh.

So, if any auto manufacturers want to give me a vehicle to drive and review, I'm available! Or if there are any readers out there who need donate some cash for a tax write off I'll be your long-lost relative. Or maybe you just feel sorry for this trio of bad luck that has come our way the past couple weeks...

Tongue in cheek, of course... Kind of... Remember, Doug is out of a job in 32 days...


Anonymous 11:59 AM  

Wow and I was complaining because we had to replace my brakes and the water pump (for the house). Hope it gets better as the new year comes around.

The Fritz Facts 7:23 PM  

Wow..that is a lot. We have to get the four wheel drive fixed on my truck, but thankfully Dad is paying for half since he sold us the vehicle and didn't get that checked before hand.

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