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Gotta Keep Doug Warm

>> Friday, December 19, 2008

Last night blew in an ice storm that shut down schools- almost state wide. To say it’s cold and nasty outside is a complete understatement. And Doug, bless him, cleared the driveway before he left for work.

This winter has been especially cold in the Midwest; colder than it has been in about 30 years. Well, 30 years ago I was a kid and, as we all know, kids are impervious to cold. Well, that and our parents bundled us up in layers upon layers of clothing, snowsuits, socks and moon boots. The only way you can pull that off as an adult is to ride a snowmobile.

I’ve noticed that Doug has been pulling on his Aran sweater that we picked up in Ireland earlier this year and wearing it under his coats lately. This tells me that his warm winter coats may not be so warm anymore and looking for a new one should probably happen sometime soon. So I was looking at mens wool coats a bit this morning. While I was tucked inside the warm house and he was on his way to work. A good wool coat is an investment piece and the Darwin from Sanyo looks like a winner. Not only is it a timeless style but it has Breath Thermo that should help block the winds and keep him warm. And keep him from getting sick. ‘Cuz if daddy doesn’t work he doesn’t get paid.


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