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From An Evening of Christmas Cheer

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A couple weeks ago I hosted An Evening of Christmas Cheer, part of the Women's Ministry at my church. I was asked to share my testimony, which I know many of you have read on my blog.

I had it taped so I could share it again, just before Christmas. There are parts of my written testimony that I didn't share that night because I began my story by reading just a bit of The Paper Bag Christmas, a wonderful book that resonated within me.

This video is about 9 minutes long. You will want to turn up your volume to hear me clearly. Thank you for viewing, for sharing if you think it can help someone and I wish all of you the blessings of Christmas.


Sally 7:29 AM  

yay, Jody! Great job. Thanks for sharing with us. God is using you to do great things!

Laurie J. 5:36 PM  

Jody, how bold of you to be able to share your testimony. You are well spoken and I believe many will benefit from your video. I am glad I got to know you years ago, you were a good friend to me when I moved to a town and did not know anybody. I always thought you were a cool chick to hang out with. You still are a cool chick!

Laine 8:04 PM  

So much of what you said "I still struggle with.." I can identify with.. I still have major trust issues as well. It's funny because I remember praying with you maybe 2 times at church.. once at the "lunch room" and the other at ACA. I was new there then too.. I don't know about you, maybe, but I have such a hard time not feeling alone when things come crashing down... well this wasn't meant to be all open and w/e. Thank you for sharing. it was good to hear your voice and see your emotion in your testimony.

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