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1-800-FLOWERS : A Follow Up

>> Friday, December 12, 2008

For those of you following the floral ordering saga from yesterday I wanted to share this email I received in response to the email I sent to customer service:

Dear Mr. Halsted,

I'm responding to your recent complaint about 1-800flowers.com. I'm truly sorry that your experience with us was not what you had expected.

I have reviewed the order and I see that everything is set for the delivery on the 15th and the discount has been applied. Please know that when we do hear about our customers experiences be it good or not, we do take the comments seriously.

If there is additional training needed for our gift advisors, then they are scheduled for a refresher course or spot training, which ever is necessary.

I know that I can't change what transpired, however I have applied a supervisors discount of 30%, for all the inconvenience you encountered. If I can be of any further assistance please let me know.


Barbara XXXXXX
Priority Team

OK, so other than the fact that this person thinks I am a Mr., I'm pretty impressed with the response. The money has already pulled from our account so I'll be watching for a refund.

Will I shop with them again? I suppose we'll see what happens the next time I need flowers...

A follow up to the follow up...


Cindy B.of Montana 10:37 PM  

Glad to hear they got back to you. You deserve that 30%!

Sincerely Iowa 10:13 PM  

I have to give them credit for responding back to you, and also for giving you a decent credit on your purchase.

I would probably try them again. You could have had one bad experience, but it sounds like in the end, they did make it right.

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