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Turn Your DS into an MP3 Player!

>> Thursday, December 04, 2008

Both of my nephews and my teenage cousin have a Nintendo DS. So when I saw the R4 DS I was a bit intrigued. This little piece takes your DS game console and makes it video and MP3 player as well. And the R4 DS is only $19.49 from GameBay.com and that includes free shipping.

This flashcart also enables you to play games on your DS that you download from the internet- for free! Since I love multi-use products I think this is pretty cool. And I’m sure my nephews would love to take their DS to the “next level”. And it’s much cheaper than buying a separate MP3 player!

For more info visit the R4 DS page at GameBay.com.


Melody 1:16 PM  

That is pretty cool and since C is getting a DS for Christmas I may have to look into that.

Anonymous 4:15 PM  

Wow that is a great price too at Gamebay.com for Cheap R4 DS.

Paula Reece 11:19 AM  

Hey, Boy #2 is getting a DS too--what a great idea! Thanks, girl! You're also good for great ideas!

The Fritz Facts 10:13 PM  

Holy Cool! Both kids are getting DS for Christmas, gotta love the in-laws. This would be a great addition!


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