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The Bible- Like You've Never Heard It Before

>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wow. Just wow. I just listened to a bit of The Bible Experience, The Award Winning Celebrity Audio Bible and it just drew me in. The clip I heard featured Nick Cannon as Adam and it was of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It was really riveting. Want to hear it? Visit The Bible Experience website and input code GEN3SPRK.


This is a really nice way to “take in” the Bible, I think. Especially if you’re a bit intimidated by it (like I tend to be). Listening to it read as a story makes it exciting. Not to mention you can listen anywhere… in the car, while you’re cleaning or running errands… My sister-in-law says that my brother listens to scripture as he falls asleep.

The Celebrity Audio Bible is an ensemble of over 400 well known actors, musicians, clergy, directors and producers. The original underscore is performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and the sound design was done at Technicolor Studios. I suppose you could say it’s professionally done. The New Testament Edition was the 2007 Audies Audiobook of the Year.

But, really, just follow the link to The Bible Experience website
And put in the code I mentioned above. And just see if you aren’t blown away by the tiny bit you hear.



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