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What Would You Do?

>> Monday, June 18, 2007

The fear of the unknown keeps many people from trying so many things. Like travel. Or food. Or life in general.

What would you do if, suddenly, you had none of your resources? No money, no car, no place to sleep? How would you eat? Where would you sleep?

Of course there are a few options available for the eating and sleeping… I suppose a homeless shelter would be a good place to start, to get your bearings. Or a church could always steer you in the right direction.

But what if you had to completely recreate your life- from scratch? I actually did just that in 1993 when I moved to Minnesota. I didn’t know anyone and had used the last of my money to rent an efficiency apartment in a not-very-nice area of St. Paul.

I needed a job- one that would cover rent, transportation, food. And I had found out that being a hairstylist just didn’t pay that well. But it was what I knew, so I found a job doing hair. And realized right away that I couldn’t survive on that salary.

So I searched the job ads and found an opening for a cocktail waitress in a rock & roll bar. Which was connected to a strip club. I was 23, attractive and had a nice figure. You can guess that I didn’t stay long waiting tables for chump change. Nope, I was soon on the stage.

That choice was one I made a long time ago and is definitely not one that I would make now. But it got me through and helped to shape who I am.

USA Network's Burn Notice will show you what one man does when faced with a sudden change.

What would you do?


Tamara B 9:22 AM  

wow, now that surprises me!!!

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