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Play Us A Song, Piano Man

>> Sunday, June 17, 2007

When I entered the 5th grade I had the opportunity to pick an instrument to learn and join band. I wanted to play either the saxophone or the drums. My mom, however, nixed those instruments as “for boys”. And very soon our home was hosting a very large organ.

Yes, an organ. And my sister and I were taking lessons.

Now, the organ is nothing like either the saxophone or the drums and you can imagine the joy I felt at being forced to take these lessons. I can’t really recall how my sister did- but I know that, of the two of us, she was the star pupil. I was lucky if I could pound out “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Needless to say, the organ was the big white elephant in our home and soon no one even touched it.

And I still didn’t get to play the sax or the drums.

Of course, in hindsight, I should have thanked my mother and taken those lessons happily (and maybe not wasted my parent’s money). Ah, the things we learn when we grow up.

But now there is Chords & Progressions Piano Tips to help me. This is a free piano lesson and chord progressions newsletter that comes to my inbox every 5 days and lasts for 101 issues. And if I choose to, I can purchase DVD courses.

I really like this website; everything is straight forward with plenty of sample links and testimonials. I could probably even learn!


vw bug 8:05 PM  

Cool, thanks!

Amy Poindexter 8:10 PM  

Consider this a hearty encouragement to jump back into playing the piano... and I'm glad to see you're learning chords. I started at age seven and was trained the classical way, but I think that for more satisfying results, chording should be taught more often.


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