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When Can I Go?

>> Monday, June 18, 2007

I love a deal. I love to travel. So you can bet that I love a travel deal. I use a lot of different travel sites to make sure that I am getting the most trip for my money. And now I have another booking engine to add to my list.

HotelReservations.com offers Cheap Hotels- as the name implies. The prices easily compete with the “big boys” out there.

But HotelReservations.com has other booking options, too. You can, of course, book flights and car rentals, but you can also book vacation rentals. That’s a really great option when, like me, you have a family. With a vacation rental you get a kitchen, living area and more than one bedroom (a must for my family!)

Not sure where you want to go but have an idea of what you want to do? The Destinations and Interests page is great for giving you ideas that you might not have thought of. The Road Trips page is really nice; you just input a driving distance (by hour) and a list of destinations is revealed. Once you pick your city HotelReservations.com has a handy destination guide, as well, to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

Or maybe you like to stay at Bed and Breakfasts. The food is usually exceptional, the service is personal and the atmosphere is levels beyond what a hotel can offer. From country inns to historic homes HotelReservations.com can hook you up.

Right now I am researching options for Ireland. HotelReservations.com is helping me with that, too, as they have a vacation packages option. And a quite thorough one, at that. It allows me to book a hotel for only part of the trip, instead of the full trip, and gives me lots of different options. Then I can choose my flight, car and any other package options (like tours, theater or “must see” sights).

The next time you are planning a trip don't overlook HotelReservations.com. The resources are great and so are the prices. You should definately add it to your list of travel sites.


Vacation Mamma 12:52 PM  

Hey there, like you I have a family too and vacation rentals and suite hotels are definitely the way to go. Before you book Ireland, take some time and review your hotel choices (or villa rental) on Trip Advisor. We went to France and Italy this winter with our two teens/preteens in tow and rented either 2 hotels rooms or suites and this resource saved us from staying in any dogs.

The other thing I recommend is that rather than using the big booking engines for vacation rentals, that you look to owners directly or local property managers (yup I'm both) because what you'll get from a big booking engine is a plain vanilla rental that is stocked according to a formula. The largest company for rentals by owners is by far Home Away who now owns vrbo.com, vacationrentals.com, cyberrentals.com, a1vacations.com, and greatrentals.com as well as some over seas. I'll give my personal plug too; you might enjoy my "Real Vacations and Travels with Vacation Mamma" blog for more resources for travel with families.

aka Vacation Mamma

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