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We Are A House Full of Book Lovers

>> Monday, June 11, 2007

We are a house full of book lovers. Doug and I could both sit and lose ourselves in books for days at a time if you let us. I am currently reading 3 (one on personal finance, one of health and wellness and another just for fun). I'm pretty sure Doug has at least two in various stages of read-ness. Brenna loves to be read to day and night and can usually be found in the morning sitting in her bed “reading” to Cow. Caelan is also a book lover- she seems to think they are tasty.

With all the books we buy you can bet that coupons come in handy for savings. In fact, I ordered a couple of Father’s Day gifts using Amazon.com’s deals.

Not sure what to do? Not to worry! There is a "how to” video at the bottom of the page to walk you through.

Not an Amazon shopper? Never fear! There are over 1000 merchants! Shopping has never been easier! Or less expensive!


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