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>> Saturday, June 09, 2007

I don't know how many of you ever look at my list of links. If you do you may have noticed a link that says My Little Travel Blog. Well, that link will take you to my pet project, Have Kid Will Travel.

My idea (which is currently in it's third incarnation after I didn't really like either of the "real" websites I tried to build) was begun after I decided that I really wasn't finding what information that I found useful for traveling with kids on the web.

So, what's on it? Well, lots of pictures from our trips. Helpful tips for driving and flying. Product reviews for things we have actually used. And links within the posts for more information.

My plan is to expand the site as we travel and share our experiences- good and bad.

I have lots to share and hope that all my blog friends will add this site to their blogs and maybe even share the link in a post. I would really appreciate it.



Katy 8:30 AM  

Changing your linky lou lady.

Jill 2:33 PM  

I'll come back later and visit your Kids/Travel site..and will be happy to write a little post about it. I can use all the hints I can get about traveling with kids...we have 3.

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