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9 Months? Already??

>> Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm not quite sure how this can be true, but my sweet baby is closing in on her first birthday.

She had a terrific photo session last Friday. Probably because she knew that she looked so adorable in her flouncy top and capris.

She waved and waved this flag~ and was so happy when she finally caught it!

Caelan has turned into a happy baby~ a fact that everyone is happy about. Although she is still "Mommy's girl" she waves her arms and laughs when Daddy comes home and fully expects to be played with. She adores her big sister and will happily watch Brenna run in circles around the house~ but it is much better if Mommy or Daddy will carry her so she can "chase". She isn't crawling yet, but rolls and scoots around the house. Soon she'll be doing her own chasing.


Marie 12:10 PM  

Precious!! I can't believe how the time has flown. Love the pic of the 2 girls up in the corner too! Visiting your site always reminds me that I need to do another professional photo shoot!!

Anonymous 12:21 PM  

She is so beautiful.

I'm not sure what I'd spend most of my time doing... kissing those cheeks or running my nose and lips through her sweet duck downy hair.

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