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A Home For All Seasons

>> Monday, June 11, 2007

We bought a great house 18 months ago. Lots of room, high ceilings, big kitchen, Jacuzzi tub (which was my only requirement. It’s ironic that I don’t use it but maybe once a month.) But, of course, there are things I would like to add or change.

Highest on my home improvement list is completely changing the back deck. It scares the bejeezus out of me. It’s just your typical second story back deck; nothing special about it. But, like I said, this house has high ceilings. So the drop from the back deck to the ground is quite far. This bothers me for many reasons, most of them being related to children.

I also really want a four season porch. I love that feeling of open-ness. So I figure we can have a four season porch built off the kitchen where the deck is now and have the deck wrap around the back of the house where the slope of the land will negate any large drops.

So to pay for this I have been researching Home equity loans online. It’s always good to know your options going in.

The possibility of refinancing may be likely if interest rates stay low. I see that there is an all-in-one mortgage and home equity credit line package out now.


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