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>> Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time is almost up. If you want to enter my Scrap Bribing contest you need to do so by Saturday. The winner will be announced Sunday, July 1.

Wow, July. I'm thinking next month will have an Independence Day theme. Because I am assuming that everyone is as behind on their scrapbooking as I am. :)


Kerry Clabaugh 1:03 PM  

Hello, my name is Kerry, I was born and raised in Iowa and was really drawn to your blog. We tried to find a way to contact you directly without having to post a comment. We see that you have Friendly Robotics listed down at the bottom and we sell robotic lawn mowers at http://www.bamabots.com and were insterested in getting our website posted under them. If you could please send us an email at orders@bamabots.com we would be very interested in seeing what it would take to advertise on the blog.

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